OncoQuest is a private Canadian biotechnology company

OncoQuest is a private biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of immunotherapies for cancer. OncoQuest’s technology platform includes a portfolio of tumor antigen specific monoclonal immunoglobulins including CA-125, MUC1, PSA and Her2/neu. The company is exploring the therapeutic potential of these antibodies in combination with other immune modulating drugs or drug combinations to enhance tumor specific immunity and clinical outcomes.

OncoQuest’s lead product candidate, that is the subject of the asset transfer agreement, is oregovomab, an anti-CA-125 antibody, for the treatment of ovarian cancer that has completed a Phase 2 frontline randomized controlled study. In addition, oregovomab is currently being studied in multiple Phase 2 clinical trials in the relapsed recurrent ovarian cancer setting as well. OncoQuest’s anti-MUC1 antibody program has already undergone a Phase 1 clinical trial in breast cancer patients, and its development is being led by OncoVent Co. Ltd., OncoQuest’s joint venture partner that has licensed the rights of our immunotherapeutic antibodies in the territory of Greater China. OncoQuest’s next-generation monoclonal antibodies are based on immunoglobulin E licensed from UCLA, Stanford University and Advanced Immune Therapeutics, Inc. These antigen specific monoclonal IgE antibodies are currently in preclinical development.

OncoQuest Announces Signing of a Definitive Agreement to Sell Drug Portfolio to Dual Industrial for U.S. $300 Million and Commitment to Fund the Oregovomab Phase 3 Clinical Trial in Frontline Ovarian Cancer

Link to OncoQuest Inc Asset Transfer Agreement News Release