OncoQuest is a private Canadian biotechnology company

  • developing next generation of combinatorial immunotherapy products for the treatment of cancer
  • Clinically proven lead product (oregovomab) with excellent safety profile currently undergoing a risk mitigation confirmatory clinical trial that may lead to a product registration trial
  • Diversified product pipeline covering almost all cancers that kill, and a novel product class that may qualify for breakthrough designation (IgE). Potential optimization in combination with
    • chemotherapy
    • immuno-stimulants
    • Checkpoint inhibition
  • Supported by an experienced management team and worldwide key opinion leaders
  • A China based global pharmaceutical company as major investor and development partner, Hepalink USA

OncoQuest – Competitive Advantage

OncoQuest’s approach has created an opportunity to mobilize immunity, better, more preciously and for less cost than other methods that are in development and/or recently approved.

Clinical trials involving OncoQuest’s leading product, oregovomab, in more than 950 ovarian cancer patients, indicate chemo-enhanced immunotherapy results in a more vigorous immune response associated with improved survival compared to mono-immunotherapy.

  • Combinational immunotherapy will lead to important commercial applications of the company’s proprietary platform.
  • Current success of the new generation of cancer immunotherapy antibodies (Yervoy and Opdivo) has validated our approach and defined the opportunity
  • Proprietary collection of preclinical and clinical stage products being evaluated in preclinical and clinical experiments in collaboration with leading academics in multiple geographies
  • Clinically proven lead product (oregovomab) with diversified pipeline and a novel target
  • The goal is to have an OncoQuest product as a component of combinatorial treatments for most solid cancers, a multibillion dollar market opportunity


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