Truncated MUC16 Targeting Mab AR 9.6 as Theranostic Agent for Cancer

Mechanism of Action:

  • Truncated MUC 16 induces oncogenic potential through EGF receptor and/or alpha 4 beta integrin.
  • MUC 16 also binds to mesothelin leading to metastasis.
  • Structural characterization of Mab AR 9.6 in complex with MUC16 revealed a non-linear epitope influenced by glycosylation.
  • MAb AR 9.6 blocks oncogenic activities and tumor growth.

Clinical Applications:

  1. Target therapy for pancreatic cancer (Thomas et al 2021)
  2. Fluorescence antibody conjugate for intraoperative imaging (Olson et al 2020 and 2022)
  3. ImmunoPET of ovarian and pancreatic cancer (Sharma et al 2022)
  4. Radioimmunotherapy (Mack et al 2022)
  5. ADCC and CDC mediated tumor killing of pancreatic cancer (Rajesh et al 2022)

Developmental stage:

  • Preclinical development underway for pancreatic cancer.
  • Stable CHO cells expressing humanized Mab AR 9.6 have been developed.

Patent status:

  1. Novel method of targeting glycoproteins to treat cancer. Inventors: Hollingsworth M and Radhakrishnan P. US #10023652; China #ZL201480036588.4 (Issued July 2018)
  1. MUC16 monoclonal antibody and uses thereof. Inventors: Madiyalakan R, Hollingsworth M and Radhakrishnan P. Pending in US, Europe, China, and Canada (filed April 2019).


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