Quest Management Team and Scientific Advisory Board

Officers and Directors

  • Dr. Madi R. Madiyalakan,
    Ph.D. CEO and Director
  • Mr. Lorne Meikle,
    B.A Chairman, Director
  • Dr. Eris Shi,
    Ph.D. Director
  • Mr. Mark Lievonen,
    C.M., FCPA, FCA, BBA, MBA, LLD, Director
  • Mr. Shawn Lu, CIM,
    M. Finan. Director
  • Mr. Pierre Vermette,
    C.A. Chief Financial Officer

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Dr. Chris Nicodemus
    (Chair) President & CSO, AIT Strategies, US
  • Dr. Michael A Hollingsworth,
    Ph.D. Professor, Eppley Institute, University of Nebraska Medical Center, US
  • Dr. Eric Shi,
    Ph.D. Professor, Nanjing Medical University & Associate Dean, Academy of Clinical & Translational Research, Jiangsu Province
  • Dr. Ki-Jun Hwang,
    Ph.D. Director of Centre for Research in Bioactive Materials, Chonbuk National University, Korea
  • Dr. Ronald Moore,
    M.D., Ph.D., FRCSC Cross Cancer Institute, University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton, Canada